What people say about the course


The Course was hugely informative and highlighted a number of issues I hadn’t even considered as a potential business owner. Although a lot of content to cover in one day, the Workbook provided is invaluable as it contains the breakdown of everything discussed.

Vanessa Leung – Restaurant Manager

Very informative. A depth of information and explanation.

Lloyd Morse – Chef

The Course was a revelation for me – I’ve acquired my skills & knowledge in an entirely piecemeal fashion over the years, and to be presented with this comprehensive, very thorough Course which covers what are clearly all the important areas of the industry was amazing.

Philip Crouch – Co Owner of Street Food Union

It covered all aspects with knowledge from lots of different restaurateurs.

Holly Ashdown – Operations Director – Eat With

It was an excellent overview of the restaurant business and provided a really good checklist of how to maximise your chances of success and a heads up on the common pitfalls.

Vernon Goldberg

Interesting and informative course giving an insight into all aspects of restaurant businesses.

Will Lake – CODE

Lots of very useful tips and guidance (e.g. VAT mantra – ‘It’s not yours’!!), course workbook is very effective; very useful tips on EIS and SEIS. We can imagine recommending the course to clients and also recommending Nigel as a consultant to help with setting up a new restaurant

David Salamons – CUBISM LAW

They structure of the course was easy to follow and I left feeling more confident around such things as building a business plan.

Sheena Campbell – Zephyr Foods

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and genuinely learned so much that I feel I can now apply to my own business. It was in depth and informative and allowed me to assess common pitfalls and I feel a lot more confident now.

Tanya Gohil – Devi’s Street Food & My Million Pound Menu Contestant

The information & content on the course was superb; the workbook & the slides were perfect. We have already scheduled in a meeting with the top team to go over the brand/culture/food/customer and service journey/vision for the future & looking at data….

Annabel Partridge – Owner – The Pear Tree Café Battersea

All the information was laser focussed to understand quickly from the professionals themselves. I feel much more confident in the financial and business side of things.

Jhenn Skivolocki – The Vegan Ronin

The course was a one stop shop of all things related to restaurants. It provided advice from a high level to a zoomed in, operational perspective.


Certainly, an eye opener into what it takes to open a restaurant. Very helpful in guiding and giving options into how it could be done.

Dominic Goring – Chef

It’s an amazing Course! Extremely insightful and a wealth of information and then sent off with an invaluable Workbook. Highly recommend it…

Alethea Palmer – Rochelle Canteen

The Course covers absolutely everything you need to know if you are considering a start-up. There’s a wealth of information and Nigel & Sam are great at delivering it.

Nick Conway – Barman, Cook & KP

The course has given me great inspiration for where we want to get our business to. I highly recommend this course!

Rachael Coulson – LUMINARY BAKERY